Why we formed

NPNARA was formed by local residents in response to the demolition of the Congregational Chapel and the threat of a 16 storey tower block on Lordship Lane in 2005. While, sadly, the Congregational Chapel was destroyed before the order for its listing was made, residents in Noel Park kept NPNARA going to forge the strong sense of community that we have today.  Since 2005, the following sub-groups have been formed by residents :-

As a growing residents group, NPNARA has worked tirelessly to create events, action groups and improvements to the community.

Here are a few, but there are many more:

  • Noel Park Community festival
  • Set up the Friends of Russell Park Group
  • Improvements to Russell Park
  • Hold our annual Christmas quiz night
  • Organised the first Noel Park historic photography exhibition
  • Saved a precious piece of land for the use of allotments by residents
  • Set up the Noel Park Conservation Area Advisory Committee
  • Obtained grants for community bulletin boards
  • Planted flowers in the cattle trough on Gladstone Avenue
  • Held Saturday football sessions at Noel Park school
  • Tuesday football sessions at Russell Park

the list goes on…..

We’ve also been instrumental in political action that has stopped things that would have been detrimental to the community–the Salisbury road allotments are a good example of this. That plot was going to be developed into high-density housing until NPNARA intervened.

All of this cannot be done without the support of residents and volunteers who give their time for free.

Am I eligible?

Due to difficulties obtaining funding in the current recession, members voted in September 2011 to make NPNARA a membership only group. Any resident living in the following roads are eligible to apply to become members of NPNARA :

  • Ashley Crescent, N22
  • Berners Road, N22
  • Buller Road, N22
  • Coombe Road, N22
  • Cranbrook Park, N22
  • Darwin Road, N22
  • Farrant Avenue, N22
  • Gathorne Road, N22
  • Gladstone Avenue, N22
  • Hewitt Avenue, N22
  • Lordship Lane (south side between High Road and Gladstone Avenue, and north side between Berners Road and St Albans Crescent), N22
  • Lymington Avenue, N22
  • Mark Road, N22
  • Maurice Avenue, N22
  • Morley Avenue, N22
  • Moselle Avenue, N22
  • Noel Park Road, N22
  • Pelham Road, N22
  • Redvers Road, N22
  • Russell Avenue, N22
  • Salisbury Road, N22
  • St Albans Crescent, N22
  • Vincent Road, N22
  • Vincent Square, N22
  • Wellesley Road, N22