The Safer Neighbourhoods Team advise that a DISPERSAL ORDER has been introduced in parts of Wood Green o tackle concerns over anti-social behaviour.

The order covers Langham Place, part of Langham Road, part of Carlingford Road, Ivatt Way, Graham Road, Crescent Road and part of Downhills Park Road. This order will be in place until 31 July 2012

Anyone who returns to the area within a specified time of up to 24 hours, having been told to leave, can be arrested for the offence which is punishable by three months’ imprisonment and/or a fine not exceeding £2,500.

Officers have received complaints from the community about anti-social and criminal behaviour such as youths smoking drugs and hanging around in groups being intimidating towards people living in the area.

Specific powers mean that officers can take home young people under the age of 16 between the hours of 9pm and 6am in the designated area, who are not under the supervision of a responsible adult and are at risk of being a victim or perpetrator of anti social behaviour.