Local residents and staff / volunteers at the Salvation Army rescued trees on Pelham Road and Lymington Avenue from being cut down unlawfully although Haringey Council officers did manage to chop one tree down.

On 6 Feb 2012 Haringey Council staff made preparations to begin cutting down the first tree along the two streets. Local residents together with Salvation Army staff quickly ran to protect the remaining trees and with the help of Cllr Pauline Gibson, managed to stop the destruction of the remaining trees. Residents are pushing for a public meeting with the Council’s staff and Noel Park Ward Councillors to firstly, require the Council officers to account for their failure to consult and secondly, require proper consultation to be undertaken as well as adequate engagement with the community for both the removal of trees and improvements to the pavements to discourage cycling on pavements, an issue which has troubled residents for some time.

According to a member of staff at Haringey Council, Michael Demosthenous, they had notified local residents and traders in the vicinity although residents living in the immediate area are contesting this. Mr Demosthenous also said the proposed works were part of an infrastructure improvement to the pavements around Lymington Avenue as the Council had secured funding from TFL to promote and increase the level of cycling in the borough which the works will form a part of.

However, Mr Demosthenous failed to acknowledge that Noel Park was a conservation area and not only was proper consultation not undertaken, his communication gave no indication that any effort was made, in redesigning the pavements, to ensure that the design was sympathetic to the conservation area, met the needs of the local residents living here or would preserve as much as possible trees which were over 100 years old and a valuable part of our local environment.

If you would like to find out more, be part of the consultation and help protect our environment, please contact us noelpark.nara@gmail.com.