Dear Neighbourhood Watch coordinator

The council are looking for local residents to help with a very interesting exercise taking place on 20th February and have specifically asked for help from Neighbourhood Watches. This will appeal to any budding actors or anyone who would like to see how the emergency services and local authority work together in an emergency.

The aim of the exercise is to test the response arrangements of the emergency services and Local Authority to a gas explosion. Volunteers are needed to play the part of survivors who have been affected by the incident and they will be provided with character cards.

The exercise is being held on the 20th February. Registration will be at 9.30 with a briefing happening at 10.00. The exercise will then run from 11.00 – 15.30 with a debrief being held afterwards until no later than 16.30. Lunch will be provided.

The exercise will initially start outside but “survivors” will then be moved inside to shelter and to be interviewed by the Police as part of the scenario.

If you or your members are interested in taking part please can you email Amanda Kilby at or Tel: 020 8489 2394.