Fortnightly waste collections with weekly recycling collections will start in the west of the borough in March, but only for households with front gardens or yards (not for flats and estates).
Veolia and the council will be giving presentations about the new collection system to the next Area Forum meetings:

Muswell Hill, Alexandra, Fortis Green & Highgate, Thursday 12th January 6.30pm St Michael’s CE Primary School, North Road, N6
Crouch End, Hornsey & Stroud Green, Tuesday 17th January 6.45pm Stroud Green Primary School, Woodstock Road, N4

They are also willing to speak to residents groups, etc.
The Sustainable Haringey Waste Group is meeting with Veolia managers early in the new year. Below are some things we’d like to hear about and discuss at the meeting.
1. Where else has Veolia introduced fortnightly waste collections and what has the result been? What are the main things they have learned from these other boroughs?
2. What sort of street audit will they be doing? We assume that they have details of the number of households (some houses have three or four flats). Do they have details of household size? Will they be checking the space available for the extra wheelie bins? Will they be assuming that every household wants a large (240 litre) green wheelie bin or are they offering the smaller (120 litre) size? Can people still get 120 litre size black wheelie bins? Are they offering households the option of sharing their wheelie bins which would reduce space pressure?
3. What will Veolia do to help people recycle food? Will there be publicity about the reduced price garden compost bins? Are the (well designed) big and small food containers still available? Will they publicise these food containers and how easy it is to get compostable bags for them?
4. What advice will they give re. nappies, cat litter, etc.
Let me know what other topics you think we should ask them about and if you would like to attend the meeting, we would appreciate your letting us know what happens,