The following warning from Leicestershire Police:

“Information has been received from the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network concerning a website purporting to be Neighbourhood Watch.

The website is called ‘Neighbourhood Watch Online’ (www and was launched on 14 December 2011. The website is not supported by nor has links to the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network. The marketing of the site is pitched to NHW members to register their scheme and obtain membership resources. They are marketing a ‘co-ordinators pack’ at £39.99 which includes 2 street signs, stickers and a high visibility vest with Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator on the back.

There is no mention of good practice; partnership working with the local police service or insurances. Concern has been expressed over the lack of co-ordination of the schemes; the possible mis-use of the high visibility vest and the gathering of personal details including banking details from those who have signed up to the site and purchased materials.”

Any concerns should be directed to :

Pauline Syddell Community Neighbourhood Watch Link Manager

Haringey Borough

Metphone: 776803

Phone: +44 (0)20 8721 6803