At the first of a series of special meetings called by Ms Tunay Hussein, Headmistress of Noel Park Primary School, teachers, parents and representatives from Haringey Council and the local community came together to discuss the Ofsted report and placing of the school in special measures.

There was considerable concern from parents many of whom were disappointed to see the school drop in Ofsted’s grading from 2 (good) to 4 (inadequate). Elements of the report were elaborated upon and the local authority and school have come together to prepare an action plan on how to help the school improve its performance. A copy of the Ofsted report can be found here.

Meanwhile, Father Simon of St Marks Church spoke on behalf the school’s Board of Governors. Their position was a difficult one, the Department of Education has given them a deadline at the end of January 2012 by which to decide whether Noel Park Primary School should convert to an academy. It was feared that if the Board of Governors decided against conversion to academy status, the Department of Education would force the move to academy status through the exercise of the discretion by the Secretary of State for Education.

The School Governors are considering the options open to them including the various private education providers. Parents are encouraged to contact the school to find out more about the situation and wherever possible to help provide input and support to the school as well as their children.