Noel Park Primary School and Nightingale Primary School might be required to consider academy status.

You can find information about academies online from the BBC Website and Department of Education’s website.

If you have a child / children who attend either of those primary schools you may wish to find out more about how this will affect them. While it is generally acknowledged that schools switching to academy status benefits from additional funding, there are concerns standards will not be maintained and reduction in oversight / accountability. Other concerns include :-

  • for deprived areas, by switching some schools to academies this leads to the risk of the local authority having precious funding directed away from state schools
  • they can set their own curriculum and schools already rated as outstanding by Ofsted will not be subject to further inspections by them
  • schools are able to set admissions policies based on aptitude for specific subjects, thus excluding many from the local area

Other schools in Haringey are also affected and there is a campaign in Haringey called Haringey Campaign Against Academies (HCAA), click here for their website.

Whether you submit a petition through HCAA or respond to the council’s consultation, please do sent us a copy of your email or letter to It will also be good for you to write to our ward councillors whose details can be found on our blog, click here.

For more information on the pros and cons of a school converting to academy status please visit the following websites.


The Key Service for School Leaders

Independent Study by NASWUT

UPDATE – 17 Dec 2011


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