Click here for the answers of the local council candidates for the Noel Park ward to the questions of local residents.

The Hornsey and Wood Green Hustings Candidates Election Question Time will take place at Noel Park Primary School on Gladstone Avenue on Tuesday 4 May from 6.30-9.30pm.

This is your chance to hear more about what the candidates would do for Noel Park!

Hustings Poster

Next meeting

Wednesday 19 May 2010, 7pm. This meeting will be held at St.Marks Church Hall – not  Shropshire Hall.

Two Years Old!!

This website celebrated its second birthday on 13 January. During that time, we have had over 1,300 visits!!

Historical Group

Are you interested in the history of Noel Park and do you want to help to protect the houses and streets on the estate? If so, then get in touch and find out more. As a group, we have more power to do this than individuals, so your support is very important to us.


Contact npna_ra@yahoo.co.uk for more information or to join the mailing list.

Live campaigns

  1. Buses. Residents want to see a reduction in the number of buses using the Buller Road and Redvers Road bus stands. We are also campaigning for buses to be stopped from using Gladstone Avenue.
  2. Allotments. Clearance of the site to the rear of 2A-14A Salisbury Road has taken place and herbicide applications are continuing to combat the Japanese Knotweed on the site. Your support is needed to build on this initial work. To contact the Salisbury Road Allotment Group (SRAG) either email sophosab@gmail.com or phone 07977 503791.
  3. Fly-tipping. Residents are keen to see less dumped rubbish on the street and are calling for greater enforcement against fly-tippers. You can report dumped items to the council via their website using the report a problem link or by phoning them.
  4. We oppose the proposed closure of the Whittington Hospital 24-hour A&E unit. We have written letters to Mike O’Brien and the three main party leaders. One of our members writes the Whittington Mum blog.